Release Forms & Equipment

After you reserve your trip, we will send information for you and your participants to complete release forms online.  Preview forms below.
Activity Release Form Equipment
(Backpacking, Basecamp, Canoeing, Day Hikes, Rock Climbing)
Health History (only for Backpacking & Canoeing)
Medical Question (only for Day Hikes & Rock Climbing)
Backpacking Equipment List
Basecamp Equipment List
Canoeing Equipment List
Family Adventure Equipment List (Day Hikes, Rock Climbing, etc.)
Browns Canyon Adventure Park Waiver Adventure Park Equipment List
Rafting Waiver Colorado Rafting Equipment List


Noah's Ark Gear Rentals:

Item Description 1/2 Day Full Day Overnight
Polypro Shirt Long sleeve, quick dry t-shirt $2.50 $3 $3
Wetsuit 3 mm neoprene, incl. polypro t-shirt $7 $9 $9
Booties Wetsuit material, keeps feet warm $4 $6 $6
Splash Jacket Water resistant, long sleeve $5 $7 $7
Sleeping Bag Synthetic 0 degree bag N/A N/A $7


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