Colorado Backpacking - Multi-Day Trips:

Noah's Ark Rocky Mountain backpacking trips are the perfect option for families, youth groups, schools, and scout trips.    
Rocky Mountains Colorado Backpacking: 

Engage in real transformation! Step into the Colorado mountains with Noah's Ark. We believe the wilderness, because it stands in striking contrast with civilization, is a powerful tool for building community, developing character, and facilitating life change. Adventure, challenge, discomfort, encouragement, survival, and beauty are all exposed on a Noah's Ark backpacking adventure.  With all you need on your back, climb to one of the highest points in the country and drink water from a backcountry stream. Feel small, gain perspective, reflect, and play outside together!  Your guides will take care of all the details so that you can focus on what matters.

Customize Your Trip: 

The content and schedule of each backpacking trip can be designed to focus on the specific needs of  your group. Whether it's leadership, service, team-building, or backcountry skills, Noah's guides are ready to partner with you to see your trip objectives accomplished. Check out some of our Backpacking Trip Options, or Call Noah's to discuss how to make your trip goals a reality!

3 Day Colorado Backpacking Trip: 

3 day Colorado backpacking trips can be arranged to cover varied distances, depending on the desire & ability of the group. You can hike, camp, hang out together in the woods, and possibly even peak a Colorado 14er. To learn more, call us!

Colorado Backpacking Trips

4 Day Colorado Backpacking Trip:

Push your group beyond their comfort level. While a 4 day trip consists of everything mentioned in the 3 day trip description, it also allows an extra day for additional programming such as solo times, initiative games and topical discussions. 4 day trips can be arranged to cover varied distances, depending on the desire and ability of the group.

Call us for details!

5 and 6 Day Colorado Backpacking Trip:

This is the ultimate wilderness backpacking experience!  5 and 6 day wilderness backpacking trips allow for the most flexibility in terms of trip itineraries, distances, and programming options. Groups can arrange to cover varied distances, depending on the desire and ability of the group. Call for details -- we're excited to put you on the trail!

"Life lessons are powerfully taught from the elements & experiences we battle in this NON-suburban, NON-hectic, NON-technological world with which few of my students are familiar.
- Chip Huber, Project Lead

   Trip Details                        


Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting Co., Buena Vista, Colorado


 Minimum - 10, Maximum - 130 per week

TRIP COST 2015*:

(Prices do not include taxes
and additional fees)
 $255.00 - Three Day Trip
 $326.00 - Four Day Trip
 $380.00 - Five Day Trip
 $426.00 - Six Day Trip


 10 years old


 No previous backpacking experience required.


Backpack Equipment List (PDF)

*Trip cost is per person and includes meals, camping, and guiding services. The last day of backpacking includes returning to Noah's, dinner, camping and breakfast the following morning. All trip prices are subject to tax and user fees charged by the USFS, BLM and/or Colorado Headwaters State Parks, and land or water access fees add up to 9% to activities.

Trekking with Llamas and Noah's Ark.

Noah's Ark also does Llama treks!
Llamas can carry up to 80 pounds and are incredible pack animals. If you are interested in taking a llama on your back-country trip to help with the load, please contact Noah's for details and pricing.