Noah's Ark Release Forms & Equipment Lists

As per industry standards, all participants must sign a Release Form (liability waiver) and/or an assumption of risk form to acknowledge understanding of these risks and assume all risk of participation.

Do I need this form?
2016 RAFTING Only Release Form
If you are ONLY RAFTING, please print/sign this form.
2016 BROWNS CANYON ADVENTURE PARK Release Form If you are doing the Browns Canyon Adventure Park, by itself or in conjunction with any other trip, please print/sign this form.
2016 BACKPACK and BASECAMP Release Form (Backpack, Rock Climbs, Day Hikes and Canoe Trips) If you are backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, or canoeing, please print/sign this form (If you are also rafting along with any of these activities, this will cover rafting as well.)
Health History Consent Form The Health History Consent Form is required only for those who are doing MORE than one activity with Noah's Ark such as hiking or backpacking or staying overnight - It is NOT necessary if you are ONLY rafting with Noah's Ark - please call if you have questions about this form.

RAFTING Equipment List ADVENTURE Equipment Lists
Colorado Rafting Equipment List Backpacking Equipment List
  Basecamp, Family Adventure Equipment List
(Rock Climbing, Day Hikes, Adventure Park)
  Canoeing Equipment List

For rental gear info, click here.