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Christmas Trip Giveaway

And the winner of our Christmas giveaway trip goes to…… Drumroll please……

The Carichner family!!!

In December, we decided to spread some holiday cheer and asked our followers to nominate someone that they thought could benefit from some time on the river. After reviewing the nominations, we decided to give away a rafting trip to an outstanding family that has gone above and beyond to serve their community… Doug Carichner and his family! We want to celebrate and recognize the Carichners by giving them a free rafting trip down Browns Canyon to get away and spend meaningful time together. Here’s a bit of their story – we hope you’re as inspired as we are by these world-changers!

“What inspires me most about Doug is that he is the most servant-hearted person I’ve ever met… he does whatever it takes to love people well.” This comment came from one of the nominations we received and it truly does reflect Doug’s heart and desire to serve others. Doug Carichner is an all-star dad to 4 children and they consistently open up their home to serve others and provide a place for people to feel welcome and loved. He has been the Base Camp Director at Sky Ranch Horn Creek for 5 years now where he serves guests at the camp by providing positive and uplifting experiences for families to spend time together. One of Doug’s close friends described Doug as, “someone that pushes others to never settle into complacency, but rather, to live radically… in humility and to serve others.” Doug and his family’s heart to serve others is inspiring and we’re stoked to have them join us on the river this summer.

We are so thrilled to have the Carichner family join us on the river this summer!