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Field Notes Blog

True Bonds Made

There is much simplicity in enjoying one another amidst immense beauty. Over the last few days in Buena Vista, CO, our group ate together, climbed together, rafted together, and truly bonded as a family. With all the different activities, we feel like we got a real glimpse into the Noah’s Ark experience. From the kitchen staff feeding us each meal to our guides leading us down the Arkansas River, we felt cared for at every step of the way.

As parents, it was wonderful to see the kids step away from their phones and immerse themselves in nature. During free time, we would look out at the campground and see the kids fishing, hanging out in the hammocks, and playing lots of basketball and volleyball. In this day and age of technology, it brings us much joy to see them enjoying nature. When we went on our overnight rafting trip, we all sat around the fire and had a time of worship together. It truly felt like life slowed down. We were all laughing and talking, and bonded in ways we hadn’t before. We enjoyed the simplicity and unity of being together. The group activities pushed us towards deeper community with one another.

Unity surpassed these simple moments and extended into the challenging activities of rafting down Browns Canyon and climbing at Bob’s Rock and Turtle Rock as everyone encouraged each other. We loved seeing the kids overcome their fears of climbing and rappelling during our guided rock climbing. There was so much growth. Each of them encouraged one another to try new things. Even the parents pushed themselves to try harder climbs. At any moment, someone would be cheering your name – we believed in each other. Then, the best part was once you reached the top. The feeling of accomplishment combined with the breathtaking views was quite incredible.

Noah’s Ark is truly something special. We came into this trip eager to grow as a group and learn to love each other more. As we leave, we feel filled with renewed joy and appreciation for one another.

Author: Jori Kennedy of Brazos Christian School