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Why We’ve Been Coming to Noah’s for 30+ Years

Our group has been working with Noah’s Ark for our ‘No Wimps’ summer camp for over 30 years. We have now parents who went on a ‘No Wimps’ trip as students who are now sending their kids. It is safe to say, that it would not be a true ‘No Wimps’ experience without Noah’s. Why do we keep coming back?

Noah’s desire to serve

For us, every trip starts with a planning phone call with Maria and Jordan. These calls range from logistics to our hopes for our students. Even before our students step foot on the property, the Noah’s team is thinking of ways to serve, care for, and grow our group. It is so helpful stepping into a place that shares our vision for making the trip a memorable and meaningful experience for our students.

Noah’s Guides

I’m going to have to work hard to not go on and on here, because, wow, Noah’s guides rock. Guides go all out to make our trip incredible. Their enthusiastic support for students and their excitement to guide them into adventure makes the trip for us. I have witnessed countless moments of a guide getting to know a student and helping them overcome fears and obstacles in ways that the student didn’t think was possible. We love our Noah’s guides, and can’t possibly put into words how instrumental they have been in the lives of our students.

Noah’s makes our big group feel small (in the best way)

As a larger group, a constant challenge is helping each student feel like they are known. The activities that Noah’s offers and their intentionally relational approach, helps students connect with each other in a way that I have never experienced on other trips. Whether it is paddling through a rapid, backpacking farther and higher than they thought possible, or rappelling off Bob’s Rock, students deepen their friendships and create new ones. Our big group always leaves Noah’s Ark feeling like a tighter knit family unit than we were before Noah’s Ark.

BONUS: Arkies!

Like a DQ Blizzard, but somehow infused with magical healing/restorative powers. If everything you and your group experiences doesn’t leave you changed, one of these will!

A trip to Noah’s can be a life changing experience. I’ve seen students overcome fear and connect with each other in some pretty incredible ways due to the commitment and excellence of the Noah’s Staff.